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notamailman's Journal

Not a Mailman
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All Members , Moderated
A support group community for Matt roleplayers
* Bring together Matt players into a close-knit community.
* Facilitate in-depth discussion about playing Matt.
* Provide a comfortable environment for criticism and critique.

* You can join with your personal journal . . .
* Or you can join with an RP journal of the character in question - provided the RP journal has an acknowledgment of who the player is in its profile.
* Anonymous posting is not available nor allowed in this community. If you have an opinion, you need to have the guts to say it in "your" own voice.
* You may choose to introduce yourself here, and discuss the pros and cons of playing Matt.

* Be polite and courteous to one another
* No spamming, bashing, flaming
* No excessive swearing
* If someone posts something that you find offensive, either keep to the code of conduct or ignore it altogether. If you find it too offensive, contact the maintainers.
* Maintainers reserve the right to ban people who cause excessive amounts of drama. However, maintainers must notify the person being banned of this in a discrete manner (IM or E-mail). If maintainers cannot find contact information, you will be banned without warning.
* Maintainers reserve the right to delete and/or freeze comment lines due to spamming/bashing/flaming getting out of hand.
* Maintainers reserve the right to change policies and rules of conduct as situations arise. However, maintainers must notify the community at large of these changes.
* If problems arise, please contact one of the maintainers and we will get back to you within 72 hours.
*NOTE RPG advertisements are allowed, we ask however that you post the bulk of the advert underneath a lj-cut to avoid breaking flists. We also ask that rpg ads are only posted in the interest of gaining Death Note players and not general fandoms.

* Flaming: Is not invited.
* Critique: Is asked for - so unless a person asks for it, it's not allowed.
* Flaming: Saying things such as "you suck," "you're OOC!," or "X wouldn't do that!"
* Critique: Providing ways the player could improve and giving examples of how this could work.
* Flaming: Insisting what the other person is playing is not "canon" or "wrong."
* Critique: Giving examples of why this is or is not canon while taking into account previous development and in-game circumstances.

Mod: katamanda >> AIM: chocolategundam >> Email: mochamanda@googlemail.com
Mod: surrealsetup >> AIM: Surrealsetup >> Email: surrealsetup@gmail.com

RE: Affliates
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*mello_me_out A Mello roleplaying discussion community
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RE: Other places
*mr_raito A Light roleplaying discussion community
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