Manda (katamanda) wrote in notamailman,

So if he's not a mailman...

Then what is he?

Manda, aka your main moddie here posting up our first discussion topic. Still something pretty fun, but this is a question revolving around something that came up when I was talking to friends the other night regarding Matt's hacker status.

Now its common fanon that Matt is a hacker, however this is not canon, its something though that has spread to almost every rped version of him that I've seen (including mine).

So my question is this, other than being a hacker, what other occupation do you think Matt could have had? What was he before Mello came along and recruited him to help him win against Kira? Was he even employed at all? Or was he still finishing his education. Or, if you like the hacker route, what do you think it is that makes this role fit Matt so well?
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