rowan ★ like i've never seen the sky before ★ (carnimirie) wrote in notamailman,
rowan ★ like i've never seen the sky before ★

Matt newbie

So, I'm thinking of apping a Matt, which is scary for me, because I've never played him before (I'm usually a Misa Rper), so changing to a different character, esp. one as controversial as Matt can be, demanded that I seek out some help in this. I want to do him justice, especially because some of the other DN rpers there are ones I respect and want to give them the best Matt I can.

I've already looked at some of the past discussions here, which already have helped me out tons in figuring out his personality. Now, I have a question regarding his history. What do you all suppose he did when Mello left Wammy's House?
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I imagine he left on his own when his 15th birthday passed. It just made sense to me. He probably struggled, starting off as a pickpocket or doing risky hack jobs for people :3
Stayed until the age of 16, he woanted to go before but Matt's not quite as impulsive as Mello was. He figured there was a better benefit in staying until he was legal for work (in the UK anyway) etc. which would make it easier to get by outside of the House. He was smart enough he didn't need to, but I think Matt's not the type to rush off and put himself under unnecessary potential trouble.
Hm, I also think he stayed a bit longer.
Maybe even got along with Near, who knows? ^^°
I mean, I can't remember any rivalvry between those two...
He might have had a friend outside back then and stayed there a little while, getting used to the 'rough' world outside the orphanage, before starting to make money with dubious jobs.

Sorry, but I can't imagine Matt taking a proper training/schooling in any field ^^°
In my Matt history...he didn't stay long. He jumped ship and went to Chicago and then got involved in gunrunning.

My Matt did the gunrunning and then got lots of little jobs. He travelled a lot. Worked around the country doing weird stuff. Working as a chef, playing piano, fixing computers--he'd take on those jobs when he was staying in a city for a couple weeks or longer. And he'd quit when he got bored or something came up.
lol, sounds like fun XD
but why Chicago? *curious*
Also: I like him better, when he plays guitar - that looks cooler than piano XD
i think he stayed at wammy's for as long as possible. i think he knew that he was perfectly capable of making a living on his own, either honestly or dishonestly, but wammy's provided comfort, a kind of comfort that he didn't have to lift a finger for. he probably wanted to go after mello, if not to help him, then at least to kick him in the face for leaving him behind, but one of the things that stopped him from doing that was the uncertainty of his existence outside the gates of wammy's orphanage.

um, a bit of advice that i think is useful when trying to fill in gaps in a character's background: take their personality into consideration, think of what their reaction would be to certain events. it's taken me a while to figure this out. |D;;;