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Mod stuff:

Just a few things:

* First off, just letting everyone know that in light of our sister com near_and_dear's mod disappearing the new Near discussion com is nearhere. However their rules state that you must be actively playing Near to join.

And of course remember we have our other sister com mello_me_out alongside all the others we're affliated which are still around for your character discussion needs. Check out the profile page for links.

* Second, I noticed we haven't been especially active and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a way to make the com more active. Whether via advertising it to get more members, character memes being posted or whether you'd like us mods to do a weekly topic with members still able to post their own of course. Or are you guys happy with the way things are now? Let us know :3

* Third and last, after some discussion we decided to allow RP advertisements here. But only in the name of getting DN characters for a game and of course the main bulk of an advertisement must be placed under a lj-cut to save flists. We were also thinking maybe making it so an advertisement should be posted with a discussion topic to avoid getting a slew of ads with no real debates going on in the com. Your thoughts?

Your opinions are very important to us to make sure the com is being run fairly and to the members aid. As is the objective of the com. So responses to these points or anything you might want to say in general would be very helpful.
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