Me (historyblitz) wrote in notamailman,

So what's your Matt's relationship with Mello?

I, for one, don't prefer seeing them as lovers. *dodges bricks and bullets* Mello/Matt only works for me if it's well-written--most fanfiction doesn't even come close to even being plausible because Mello is often written as dominate/borderline abusive (or just outright cruel) and Matt is like Mello's little fanbitch.

I hate that, personally. So my Matt is hardheaded and stubborn (which means he doesn't get along with all the Mellos he meets). He does, however, like Mello. In the history I wrote for my Matt, they are good friends. Matt knows that Mello is a little drama queen and lets him slide to a point but has never let Mello treat him like a doormat. He doesn't allow himself to be treated like a dog or just a subservient idiot.

My Matt is well-aware that he has skills too and while he has some insecurities about them, he doesn't allow anyone to pick on him. He participated in Mello's plan and faced his death fearlessly--you can't tell me that he didn't have any idea that that's how it might end. To me, he went along with Mello's plan because he wanted a hand in it too. He wanted to help get revenge for L. Mello just happened to call him up and ask for help.

So how does your Matt interact with Mello??
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