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Naa~ I have seen around many complaining about Matts being OOC. Now Matt isn't exactly a personality role model (it hurts guys, yes *nods*) So I guess when someone calls a Matt OOC is only because he/she doesn't like the personality the player gives him? 

Maa, if it's not that, which kind of Matt do you consider OOC/bad played?
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July 4 2008, 19:29:41 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  July 4 2008, 19:32:42 UTC

Hee, was just thinking of doing this earlier. Well not this topic, but updating the com somehow.

I agree on the first point, Matt is seen painfully little in the manga/anime and I think its important for any Matt player to be able to say that most of their Matt's personality does come out of their own heads. There's not much we can look at for him and say 'Thats canon!'

As long as a Matt does have what we see in canon then its hard to base an arguement against them, these points as far as I can see are:
- Lazy, easily bored, doesn't like work etc.
- Loves videogames and smokes
- Is antisocial in general, though this one I'm usually willing to give some leeway on.

There's probably some other points I could say, but those are the main ones we see.

As for what I don't like to see in a Matt (and these are things that have come over time in the developement of how I play Matt):
- Matt's who are entirely dependent on Mello.
- Matt's who are basically pushovers to Mello and will do anything he wants for him without questioning it. I like to see Matt's who have some backbone and are their own independent person who can think for themselves.
- Overly girly/uke Matt's. Because seriously, he doesn't look like that kind of guy.

Otherwise though, I actually enjoy seeing how Matt's differentiate from each other. The same as how I like seeing different interpretations of the other DN characters.
OMG that's just how I see it! Those three points of what you don't enjoy seeing are major ones I rather dislike as well...I really love your insight on Matt, as a fellow Matt player I loved reading about your words...They are right on in my believes for him....
I've been playing him for a year now, so, actually some of the things I dislike are things I did in the beginning and now cringe over lol but I learned from them i think, so its all good XD;

And thanks, I'm glad you agree. I pretty much agree with what you said below as well, particuarly about the angsty/serious Matt. I think he's too laidback to care enough to hold a grudge, at least in my Matt's case he'd rather make a joke of it/try to break the mood with jokes. Also about the smoking, it shows Matt is one of those 'live in the now' types rather than worrying about the future.
Haha I agree XD

The points you mentioned are three things that Matt canonly is. And also a follower. But they are too few to form a personality ne. So the player has to add some stuff too. But not really that not fit him, like extremely emo Matts and Mello-doesn't-love-me Matts etc (personaly, I kind of dislike that ._.)

Matt's who are entirely dependent on Mello.
I think a Matt, obviously, is more focused on Mello than any other character but yes~ Having him interacting only with Mello, doing everything Mello wants, can be annoying for some.

Pushovers? o_O Like forcing Mello to interact romantically only with them?

I like all of the Matt's I've seen around (>w<) I think everyone forms nice personalities for their Matt XD
Yes a follower, which is an important aspect of his personality too. And yeaaah those kinds get annoying, there's a balance I think a player needs to hit on.

I mean a Matt who will do whatever Mello says without questioning it, I like to think (and I think we see this in the manga) that Matt has the capacity to stand up to Mello when necessary and question him. He may be a follower, but he's also intelligent and has his own opinions, he was 3rd place at Wammy's. XD

I agree, most Matt's I've seen around I like, except for a few that have just been... out there lol
Haha, Matt in the manga says to Mello he is bored and he shamelessly plays his game while talking to Mello. And Mello is very patient with him *_* Never gets angry *_*

Ah I like serious Matt XDDDD
Hm, many people forget Matt is too intelligent and sometimes uhh.. make him act too dumb? O_O

Aha, yes I know what you mean XD
Maa, I dislike emo/drama-queens Matt and too happy Matts. Like lost in the happiness. Like everything is perfect and we have no reason to be sad.

Exactly! I love that part, and aside from the apology from mello after Matt's death its the biggest sign of how they relate to each other XDD

Yep *nods* I mean my Matt's can act dumb, but thats precisely it, they're acting. I think Matt's a person who knows the value of how to seem normal and being able to fade into the background XD

Coming from dark setting like Death Note, you have to wonder how that happens lol.
Mello's attitude towards Matt is very different than his usual one *_*

XDDD Nah, a few Matt's are being too dumb. Dunno, I just can't see that on a chara like Matt O_O

Huhu, I agree~ I mean, he got shot. Why is he happy o_O
Maa, maybe if the rp is too advanced, Matt has moved on from that state? Who knows ._.


9 years ago


9 years ago

Well, obviously a player has to form some extras, as we don't really get any insight into Matt.Although classifying him as strictly a follower, I think is way too 2D.I think he's just very laid back but then, I tend to play him as being headstrong and will take a leadership role when he needs to. And I've had Near and Mello players (especially Mello players) get mad at me for not letting them walk all over Matt. I heart Matt.
Ah but Mello is very patient with Matt and also apologized to him. Why he would be a prick to him?

I don't like Mellos who act as if they hate Matt ._.
Agree here too, Matt doesn't mind laying back and letting others take the lead, but when he has to or wants to can step up and take charge. He's not a 'dog', as cute as puppy!Matt might be.
Well the one thing that was basically told about Matt is that he's very unsocial....Reading "How to Read 13" is nice....So I find a hyper, uber happy and social Matt to be rather OOC....Matt in my mind is a nice guy, rather a pushover when it comes to those he cares about, but not a saint...He's rather laid back and would prefer to play his video games to getting into a problem....I don't particularly like an angsty, serious Matt either,to me he's not the type to get overly upset at things, perhaps from gaming desensitization...He's quite the gamer boy who wants to sit and beat the next level...He smokes yes, and most often then not smoking is a way to deal with problems and stress in ones life so he seems as more the type to take things upon himself and deal with them without causing issues for other people...Or perhaps he just enjoys it, which I can understand...Smoking in its own way is nice, and to do so you'd have to not care about the consequences, for smoking has a lot of them....So in my mind he does what he wants and lets the day end how it's supposed to, without worry of the future or the punishments....But those are my thoughts....Sorry if they are not someone elses...
Ah, I like serious Matt. Not angsty (the rper has to be very good for me to like it ._.) and also I like dark Matts. it's difficult a bit to explain what I mean with dark Matt...

It's like uhhh... how to put it *thinks* It's like a serious Matt but you can feel him being mean but not in the fun way. Somewhat hurtful.
Ghah I can't explain it -_-

But I like it *_*
Bad Matts are Matts I see the most of.

What I consider a bad Matt is when he is:

1. A weak, sniveling little coward

2. Mello's bitch: the most common and the one I absolutely despise the most.
I agree mostly with everything said before. Mello's bitch, weak, ect - those are a trend I'm not fond of.

There is one thing I prefer in Matt and that's a bit of a sense of humor. Some people make him much too serious I think. In the episode he dies he actually jokes with his soon-to-be killers ('I didn't know the japanese were allowed to carry such big guns' or something along those lines). He also complains to Mello about being bored - with serious business Mello.

Not that I'm saying he should be a happy go lucky bowl of rainbows but I think he should have a sort of sarcastic humor to him at least, you know? Very serious Matt's, very angsty Matt's, they strike me as a bit ooc. There's a difference between being laid back and being grim. Anyway, that's more of an opinion/preference though.