Shien (shotgungrace) wrote in notamailman,

So I just started rping Matt at a community though I have to wait until we get a Mello before I'm allowed to do anything. (Don't worry, this is getting to a discussion question) One thing is it's not one of those deals where people don't die, get brought back, ect, and Matt's survival will focus largely on being able to keep himself alive (and safe from good old Raito.)

So my question is about Matt's intelligence - how intelligent do you portray Matt?

We know he's the 'third most talented' member of Wammy's, so he's obviously far above normal, yet at the same time we know he's below Near and Matt, who are below L, and you can argue where Raito fits in but I put him as L's equal.

Thus far I've only thought of this, that he does his best work in partnerships. I see Matt as a useful tool (not in the sense he can't work by himself), in that he has a variety of skills, hacking, technology in general, espionage, that when put to use can be incredibly helpful when done with proper planning.

But what about him alone? Any thoughts? Why is Matt in Wammy's, how close is he to Near and Mello, or how far?
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