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History time!

Okay guys, I noticed we have a couple new members and hopefully some more soon now we've just done a bit of advertising (feel free to pimp out the community yourselves as well, we'd appreciate it!), so I figured now would be a good time to put a fresh discussion topic up.

Like all the Wammy kids, Matt's origins are a mystery. So, whats your Matt's history before he comes to The Wammy's House, where was he born, what was his family like, how did he become an orphan? Is he an orphan or just abandoned? This can also entail how he got to Wammy's if you guys like, just any background info pre-dating his time as a candidate for L's succession.

To go first: My Matt's were born in Detroit, an only child whose mother died in childbirth. His family was quite poor and his father tended to work all day to afford the money for them to live, during the day Matt would run around with all the neighbourhood kids (this is where my Matt picked up his pickpocketing skills) under the poor supervision of the local women. At the age of six his dad was killed in a hit-and-run accident and Matt went on the run from social-services for two weeks before he was caught.
After that he was shunted round a couple of orphanages, always playing the loner and thieving from the other kids, which is how he first discovered videogames and became an addict before his intelligence was finally noticed by one of the teachers who had some connections to Wammy's. Watari came, gave him the explanation and Matt, bored and hating the normal orphanages (and also thinking he had no choice in the matter really), agreed to go.
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