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02 August 2008 @ 01:33 am
ok, i think i might have something for you, pupcats. i play post-canon matt at vxs_rp and i've been struggling with this detail since i first picked him up-- what would be matt's most ic reaction to meeting mello after his death?

the first time when i played this scene (back in the day when vards was a small community), my matt forgave mello; he said that following mello's plan was 'his decision' and if there is anyone to blame for his death, that's himself.

so... what is your opinion on this? would matt really forgive mello for getting him killed, or would he be angry with him till the end of time?
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31 July 2008 @ 04:21 pm
So, I'm thinking of apping a Matt, which is scary for me, because I've never played him before (I'm usually a Misa Rper), so changing to a different character, esp. one as controversial as Matt can be, demanded that I seek out some help in this. I want to do him justice, especially because some of the other DN rpers there are ones I respect and want to give them the best Matt I can.

I've already looked at some of the past discussions here, which already have helped me out tons in figuring out his personality. Now, I have a question regarding his history. What do you all suppose he did when Mello left Wammy's House?
06 July 2008 @ 08:31 pm
Just a few things:

* First off, just letting everyone know that in light of our sister com near_and_dear's mod disappearing the new Near discussion com is nearhere. However their rules state that you must be actively playing Near to join.

And of course remember we have our other sister com mello_me_out alongside all the others we're affliated which are still around for your character discussion needs. Check out the profile page for links.

* Second, I noticed we haven't been especially active and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for a way to make the com more active. Whether via advertising it to get more members, character memes being posted or whether you'd like us mods to do a weekly topic with members still able to post their own of course. Or are you guys happy with the way things are now? Let us know :3

* Third and last, after some discussion we decided to allow RP advertisements here. But only in the name of getting DN characters for a game and of course the main bulk of an advertisement must be placed under a lj-cut to save flists. We were also thinking maybe making it so an advertisement should be posted with a discussion topic to avoid getting a slew of ads with no real debates going on in the com. Your thoughts?

Your opinions are very important to us to make sure the com is being run fairly and to the members aid. As is the objective of the com. So responses to these points or anything you might want to say in general would be very helpful.
04 July 2008 @ 09:13 pm
*updates you* 

Naa~ I have seen around many complaining about Matts being OOC. Now Matt isn't exactly a personality role model (it hurts guys, yes *nods*) So I guess when someone calls a Matt OOC is only because he/she doesn't like the personality the player gives him? 

Maa, if it's not that, which kind of Matt do you consider OOC/bad played?
24 May 2008 @ 12:07 am
So I just started rping Matt at a community though I have to wait until we get a Mello before I'm allowed to do anything. (Don't worry, this is getting to a discussion question) One thing is it's not one of those deals where people don't die, get brought back, ect, and Matt's survival will focus largely on being able to keep himself alive (and safe from good old Raito.)

So my question is about Matt's intelligence - how intelligent do you portray Matt?

We know he's the 'third most talented' member of Wammy's, so he's obviously far above normal, yet at the same time we know he's below Near and Matt, who are below L, and you can argue where Raito fits in but I put him as L's equal.

Thus far I've only thought of this, that he does his best work in partnerships. I see Matt as a useful tool (not in the sense he can't work by himself), in that he has a variety of skills, hacking, technology in general, espionage, that when put to use can be incredibly helpful when done with proper planning.

But what about him alone? Any thoughts? Why is Matt in Wammy's, how close is he to Near and Mello, or how far?
23 May 2008 @ 12:41 am
So, some people--like me--play on multifandom RPs.

If you don't--just pretend. :D

If you do--does your Matt socialize outside his DN groupies? And, if so, who does he get along with the best? Does he have any BFFs?

Where I play, Matt is totally partners-in-crime with Lavi from D. Gray-man. They are totally a treat to play together. My Matt has a very similar personality to Lavi and they get along extraordinarily well. They do all sorts of crazy shit together and they always have a ball. They also tend to fight together. There was one time that we had a Silent Hill theme--and they went together to raid for supplies. They helped keep each other in touch with reality and helped each other get through the situation and then laughed and drank together afterwards.

So, what about the rest of you? And, again, if you don't play in a multifandom RP--who do you think your Matt might get along with?
08 May 2008 @ 02:54 pm
So what's your Matt's relationship with Mello?

I, for one, don't prefer seeing them as lovers. *dodges bricks and bullets* Mello/Matt only works for me if it's well-written--most fanfiction doesn't even come close to even being plausible because Mello is often written as dominate/borderline abusive (or just outright cruel) and Matt is like Mello's little fanbitch.

I hate that, personally. So my Matt is hardheaded and stubborn (which means he doesn't get along with all the Mellos he meets). He does, however, like Mello. In the history I wrote for my Matt, they are good friends. Matt knows that Mello is a little drama queen and lets him slide to a point but has never let Mello treat him like a doormat. He doesn't allow himself to be treated like a dog or just a subservient idiot.

My Matt is well-aware that he has skills too and while he has some insecurities about them, he doesn't allow anyone to pick on him. He participated in Mello's plan and faced his death fearlessly--you can't tell me that he didn't have any idea that that's how it might end. To me, he went along with Mello's plan because he wanted a hand in it too. He wanted to help get revenge for L. Mello just happened to call him up and ask for help.

So how does your Matt interact with Mello??
02 May 2008 @ 10:14 pm
Okay guys, I noticed we have a couple new members and hopefully some more soon now we've just done a bit of advertising (feel free to pimp out the community yourselves as well, we'd appreciate it!), so I figured now would be a good time to put a fresh discussion topic up.

Like all the Wammy kids, Matt's origins are a mystery. So, whats your Matt's history before he comes to The Wammy's House, where was he born, what was his family like, how did he become an orphan? Is he an orphan or just abandoned? This can also entail how he got to Wammy's if you guys like, just any background info pre-dating his time as a candidate for L's succession.

To go first: My Matt's were born in Detroit, an only child whose mother died in childbirth. His family was quite poor and his father tended to work all day to afford the money for them to live, during the day Matt would run around with all the neighbourhood kids (this is where my Matt picked up his pickpocketing skills) under the poor supervision of the local women. At the age of six his dad was killed in a hit-and-run accident and Matt went on the run from social-services for two weeks before he was caught.
After that he was shunted round a couple of orphanages, always playing the loner and thieving from the other kids, which is how he first discovered videogames and became an addict before his intelligence was finally noticed by one of the teachers who had some connections to Wammy's. Watari came, gave him the explanation and Matt, bored and hating the normal orphanages (and also thinking he had no choice in the matter really), agreed to go.
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24 April 2008 @ 09:40 pm
So, Matt, canonly, has an awesome car.

Well, pretend he gets to drive that car for longer then one night.

What kind of music does your Matt listen to when he drives? Even if, wherever he's played--he can't drive there. Pretend he can.

My Matt loves rock and roll. He can play the piano and enjoys all different kinds of music (except maybe country) but when he's driving, give my Matt classic rock. AC/DC, Pink Floyd--that sort of stuff.

He loves intense, fast-paced beat music too. Haha, he likes techno.
23 April 2008 @ 09:11 pm
Then what is he?

Manda, aka your main moddie here posting up our first discussion topic. Still something pretty fun, but this is a question revolving around something that came up when I was talking to friends the other night regarding Matt's hacker status.

Now its common fanon that Matt is a hacker, however this is not canon, its something though that has spread to almost every rped version of him that I've seen (including mine).

So my question is this, other than being a hacker, what other occupation do you think Matt could have had? What was he before Mello came along and recruited him to help him win against Kira? Was he even employed at all? Or was he still finishing his education. Or, if you like the hacker route, what do you think it is that makes this role fit Matt so well?